Weekly Immigration News Digest 6th – 19th January 2018

By Annabel Stuart-Bourne Immigration Law Solicitor Linkedin
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18 January 2018

A selection of the most important immigration news of the week.

MPs criticise error-hit ‘hostile environment’ for illegal immigrants | The Guardian | 15.1.18

MPs have called out the Home Office for their hostile and unfair treatment of migrants in Britain. The plans to freeze bank accounts and deny access to rented accommodation of those who are deemed to be ‘illegal immigrants’ have been criticised due to the poor standard of accuracy of the immigration enforcement. The report of the home affairs select committee claims there has been 10% error in finding those living illegally in this country. The example of a woman who has lived in Britain for the past 50 years and was threatened to be deported back to Jamaica has sparked fury among MPs and the public. Read the full article…

Gran threatened with deportation after living in Britain for 50 years finally wins leave to remain | The Mirror | 12.1.18 (As cited in the article above)

A 61-year-old woman who has spent the last 50 years of her life in this country has finally been granted leave to remain and will start the process of becoming a British citizen. Paulette Wilson, originally from Jamaica, has been denied healthcare and permission to work for the past two and a half years, on grounds that she was an ‘illegal immigrant’. She was taken to a detention centre, and even Heathrow airport, before a lawyer intervened and helped Ms. Wilson’s case. Read the full article…

Pakistani humanist denied UK asylum after failing to identify Plato | The Guardian | 17.1.18

The asylum claim by a Pakistani man who has lived in the UK since 2011 has been rejected on the grounds that his humanism is ‘rudimentary at best’. The man claims to have turned away from his Muslim faith and now calls himself a ‘humanist’: because of this he says he has received death threats from his family, integrating into a secular British life, and that he will not be safe returning to Pakistan. The claim was however rejected because his dedication to humanism was not deemed legitimate. Read the full article…

Destitute UK asylum seekers get 80p rise in subsistence payments | The Guardian | 15.1.18

Asylum seekers who rely on money from the government are getting an 80p rise in their weekly benefits. However, various people have spoken out about how this is still pitiful, with recipients of the money struggling to make ends meet: the head of campaigners at Refugee Action recognises that this rise does not correlate to ‘soaring inflation’, and does not reflect a ‘compassionate asylum system’. Read the full article…