Weekly Immigration News Digest 16th – 22nd June 2018

By Annabel Stuart-Bourne Immigration Law Solicitor Linkedin
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22 June 2018

A selection of the most important immigration news of the week.

How the test for EU citizens to stay in UK post-Brexit will work | ITV News | 21.6.18

The new application system for migrants wanting to settle in the UK has been published and has been called ‘favourable’ to applicants by the Immigration Minister.

Who will be eligible?: EU citizens who have lived in the UK continuously for the last five years will be “eligible for settled status”.

How will the process work?: Online, user-friendly, or by post. It is hoped that applications will take 2 weeks to be processed.

How much will it cost?: Applications will cost £65 for adults, or £32.50 for children under-16.

What about family members?: The close family members of EU residents living in the UK will be able to join their relatives once they have been granted settled status.
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Now EU MUST ACT! May delivers on Brexit promise to PROTECT EU citizens living in UK | The Express | 21.6.18

The Express supports the Prime minister and the publication of the application system, claiming that she has now delivered on her promise to protect EU citizens, so the EU need to follow this and show how UK citizens living in the EU will be protected post-Brexit. Read the full article…

UK urges EU to publish plans for Britons living in Europe post-Brexit | The Guardian | 21.6.18

In the same vein as the article from the Express, the Guardian also focuses on the inaction of the EU in demonstrating how UK citizens living in the EU will be protected, citing Sajid Javid and his concerns. After months of talks and speculation, there is now a demand for concrete plans and certainty, as Brexit draws ever closer. Guy Verhofstadt the Brexit coordinator has said that ‘the European parliament will defend the rights of all those affected by Brexit’. Read the full article…

Britain May Not Lock Crying Children In Cages – But Our Detention System Is Far From Perfect | The Huffington Post | 21.6.18

This is a blog written for the Huffington Post concerning what immigration detention centres look like in this country. It first discusses the situation in the US where child refugees have been reportedly locked in cages, before turning to look at the way in which the UK deal with illegal immigrants. The writer says the ‘brazen cruelty of the US’ is on another level to the UK, but then looks at the reality of British detention centres, implying their shadiness and their breach of human and civil rights. The article looks at the detrimental effects of detention and deportation on individuals, implying throughout the inhumanity of it all. Read the full article…

Suicides raise alarm about UK’s treatment of child refugees | The Guardian | 17.6.18

This article expresses more concern for the treatment of refugees, and the way in which the UK’s actions and policies can severely, sometimes fatally affect the mental or physical health of individuals seeking asylum. In the past six months, the Guardian has had reports of three teenagers who died by suicide after coming into this country from a migrant camp in Calais. It seems from this article that not enough is being done by local authorities and the Home Office to provide support to such vulnerable individuals. Read the full article…

International Yoga Day: How free yoga can be a lifeline for refugees and trauma survivors | Metro | 21.6.18

The Metro documents a London-based charity that helps refugees to integrate into the community, with special focus on yoga. Recognising the physical and mental benefits of the activity, the aims of the charity are to provide support from the unimaginable traumas some people have faced. Mostly women attend the free yoga classes, but the charity hopes that as awareness of the benefits of yoga increases, more men will come along too. This article shows some of the positive ways in which Britons are helping and responding to refugees living in the UK. It also highlights the benefits of yoga on mental health, arguably one of the largest problems with which refugees are faced. Read the full article…