It is possible to visit the UK in order to receive private medical treatment. In such a case, in line with the information above, it will be necessary to show that you intend to leave the UK after the treatment has been completed and before the medical visa expires. The suitability requirements also apply.

It is important that prospective visitors intending to receive private medical treatment show that they have a medical condition that requires treatment. However, if the applicant is suffering from an infectious disease it must be shown that they are not a danger to public health. In addition, it must be demonstrated that the applicant has the financial means for their treatment and stay in the UK. In preparing the medical visa application, therefore, we will gather receipts and other evidence to show the applicant has met all past medical treatment costs, and we will collect evidence such as personal bank statements in order to demonstrate that they are able to pay for future medical treatment. We will also gather medical evidence that details the applicant’s medical condition and a letter from their doctor or consultant in the UK must be provided. The letter must include the following contents: details of the condition requiring treatment or consultation; the estimated cost and duration of treatment and the details of where the treatment/consultation will take place.

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