UK Immigration Solicitor

UK Immigration Solicitors

Danielle Cohen is an experienced UK immigration lawyer and understands the complexity and importance of the law relating to the treatment of refugees and migrants who have faced increasing measures to curtail their ability to stay and live in the UK throughout the many years of her practice.

At the hands of successive Government pursuing sometimes populist prejudice, we have as UK immigration solicitors, fought for the fundamental rights of these ethnic and religious minorities, including the most vulnerable, namely victims of torture and unaccompanied children and the mentally ill.

Of particular interest to Danielle Cohen are decisions involving children. At the heart of an immigration decision involving children lies the question of what is the best interests of the child. There are two elements to the question. The first is the weight given to the best interests in substantive decisions on whether a child should be given leave to enter or remain and the second relates to how the best interests of the child are made within the process that leads to that decision. Immigration solicitors in the UK are familiar with the concept that “best interests” are usually considered in the course of determining whether it will be a breach of the child’s right under Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights to be required to leave the UK.

With the new provisions within the Immigration Rules, Immigration solicitors in the UK will have to consider the child’s best interests. The new Rules after 9th July 2012 are helpful in that they re-introduce the notion that the future of a child who has lived for more than seven years in the UK will normally lie in the UK. However, as UK immigration lawyers, we are aware that for other children who are not British citizens and have lived in the UK for less than seven years, the test remains whether it will be reasonable to expect the child to leave the UK.