From stateless to Indefinite Leave to Remain

Danielle Cohen
By Danielle Cohen Immigration Law Solicitor Linkedin
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15 March 2019

Most recently we have assisted our long-term client in obtaining indefinite leave to remain, who resided in the UK for five years as a stateless person.  He was born in Cairo and his grandfather was born in Gaza.  His grandfather fled to Egypt, using a passport which was issued by the British authorities whilst occupying Palestine.  The grandparent had five children born in Egypt and the applicant’s father was born in Egypt.  The applicant entered the UK with a Tier 4 student visa and in September 2013 we made an application on his behalf for recognition as a stateless person according to the definition in Article 1(1) of the 1950 United Nations Convention, relating to the status of refugees. He sought recognition as a stateless person and was recognised as such. It was accepted that he was not a national of Palestine nor was he admissible to Palestine.  It was accepted that he meets the definition of a stateless person as he did not possess Egyptian nationality nor that he is permitted to acquire it. It was accepted that neither his father or his grandfather was Egyptian nationals and there is no provision by which he or they could obtain such nationality.  The application was successful and we provided an expert report from Dr Alan George