Entry clearance for Jehovah’s Witness

Danielle Cohen
By Danielle Cohen Immigration Law Solicitor Linkedin
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26 April 2019

We were instructed on behalf of a Nigerian woman who successfully made an application for entry clearance as a fiancé and was granted a fiance visa to enter the UK. She then married her partner, a Nigerian national with settled status in the UK and the couple began living together immediately after their marriage, but not before, as they were Jehovah’s witnesses.

The application has been of particular interest because the applicant initially arrived in the UK as a student. This student visa was curtailed in February 2016 and she has been an over stayer until her departure. There were no aggravating circumstances in her previous immigration history and therefore she should not have been refused entry clearance. The application has been successful, and she entered the UK as a fiancé and thereafter got married. We have submitted further representations for her as a spouse of a British national, and she was granted two and a half years leave to remain.