Control Vs Economic Reasons

Danielle Cohen
By Danielle Cohen Immigration Law Solicitor Linkedin
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1 April 2019

With the lack of certainty on the horizon, it is difficult for employers and those concerned with offering opportunities for Tier 5 employees to make strategic choices, and it is difficult for our clients who contemplate coming to work in the UK.

As a Trustee of ILPA, I share the view of this charity that the Government poses questions which only lead to more questions and that the immigration policy appears to be based on a doctrine about the need for control, rather than being based on evidence. The government White Paper sets out the future for immigration control, that would require the expansion of Tier 2 to cope with the skilled worker migration from the EU to the UK. It remains to be seen whether EU citizens will then have to apply under Tier 5. If the White Paper’s proposals are to be implemented, there will be consequences for the businesses based in the UK and those who seek to fulfil contracts for services in the EU27 and who seek to transfer multi-national staff on a short or long term basis.