Weekly Immigration News Digest 14th – 20th April 2018

By Annabel Stuart-Bourne Immigration Law Solicitor Linkedin
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20 April 2018

A selection of the most important immigration news of the week.

The Windrush Generation

Windrush generation: Who are they and why are they facing problems? | BBC News | 18.4.18

This article helpfully lays out the main facts about the “Windrush generation”. Here’s a brief summary of what it covers:

Who are the “Windrush generation”?

  • Migrants from the Caribbean arriving in the UK between 1948 and 1971.
  • The name comes from the ship, MV Empire Windrush, arriving in the UK in 1948, bringing workers to fill the gaps in the post-war labour shortage.
  • Estimated 500,000 people living in the UK since before 1971, who were born in a Commonwealth country.
  • The Immigration Act of 1971 ended the influx of arrivals.
  • Are they here legally?

  • Records of indefinite leave to remain, granted to members of the Windrush generation, have not been kept by the Home Office. It is therefore very difficult for such individuals to prove their legality here in the UK.
  • The prime minister is reported to have said that “no one with the right to be here will be made to leave”.
  • Why are they facing problems?

  • They need to provide documents as evidence of their residency in the UK, in order to be allowed NHS treatment, or even to remain in the country. Many of these individuals do not have the extensive number of documents required.
  • Read the full article…

    Theresa May signals U-turn on the treatment of Windrush generation but refuses to apologise to people threatened with deportation | The Independent | 16.4.18

    Due to a policy Theresa May introduced in 2012, many of those from the Windrush generation are struggling to prove that their residency in the UK is legal, because they lack the correct documentation. As a result of this, they are at risk of deportation. The prime minister is currently addressing this situation, however, according to her spokesman, it is only a “matter of regret” if lives have been disrupted. Read the full article…

    UK still uncertain about Windrush-era deportations | The Guardian | 17.4.18

    Ministers are claiming not to have any information regarding deportations, and so they do not know whether anyone from the Windrush generation has in fact been wrongfully deported. Amber Rudd apologised in the Commons on Monday for the “appalling” behaviour of her department. She has established a new team whose task it will be to ensure that all the Commonwealth long-term UK residents will have clear, legal statuses. Read the full article…

    The new Windrush betrayal: Home Office shredded documents that proved Caribbean migrants came to the UK decades ago | The Daily Mail | 18.4.18

    On Tuesday night, it was uncovered that the Home Office have destroyed thousands of vital documents concerning the Windrush generation and their right to live in the UK. Ministers admit that they are still unsure as to whether anyone has been wrongfully deported. In 1971, all Commonwealth citizens living in the UK were given indefinite leave to remain, though records were not kept of those granted this. Read the full article…

    Brexit NOT about ‘limiting MIGRATION’ – Boris Johnson makes ‘LIBERAL case’ for leaving EU | The Express | 19.4.18

    Boris Johnson claims that, many of those who voted for Brexit were voting for who runs the country, i.e. not to limit migration, and so one should not assume that Brexit means fewer migrants. He says that it is about taking control of our borders and policies, rather than decreasing all migration in general. Migrants contribute a great deal to our culture, says Johnson, but Brexit means having a ‘managed migration policy’, which he believes will be more beneficial for the country. Read the full article…