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The Human Rights Act is a UK law, which was passed in 1998. It is used by immigration lawyers in most applications, regardless of whether the client is a British citizen, foreign national, child or adult.

We can help you to apply and succeed in immigration applications, based on the Human Rights Act or the Refugee Convention.

Our team is achieving outstanding results in difficult cases, with commitment, dedication, and excellence.

Due to her remarkable success, Danielle Cohen has been shortlisted for the Law Society Human Rights Lawyer of the Year Award 2018 that recognises the best of the best from across 9,000 firms and 140,000 solicitors in England and Wales.

What does a Human Rights Lawyer do?

  • We help individuals apply for the right to remain in the UK based on human rights arguments.  For example, based on your right to family or private life in the UK.
  • We assist those who are in the UK because they face danger in their country of origin and want the UK to grant them international protection.
  • If you are facing removal because the Home Office wishes to enforce your removal from the UK, we will assist in making representations against such forced removal.
  • If you are subject to deportation because the Secretary of State deemed this for the public good after serving a criminal sentence in the UK, we will appeal against your deportation and apply for bail.
  • We regularly assist with appeals and Judicial Reviews. dealing with the Home Office at such a difficult time.

What are Human Rights?

Human Rights are rights which belong to every person and Danielle Cohen Solicitors helps to defend rights in the UK Courts and with the Home Office, because everyone must be treated equally and in accordance with the law.

What is the difference between Civil Rights and Human Rights?

Human rights cover the basic necessities of human existence and were officially created post World War II.  Civil Rights are given to us by virtue of being a citizen of certain countries, nations or states, and they are there to protect us against discrimination and to grant us certain freedoms in that nation.  Human Rights are universally protected in all countries and internationally protected by international law.  The protection of Civil Rights depends on the state that you are located in.

What makes some immigrants vulnerable?

As human rights solicitors we see many immigrants who left their country of origin because they were unable to access their human rights. In some circumstances the resulting movement will not give rise to protection under international refugee law, but nevertheless will mean that the person is in need of the protection provided by international human rights law.

Migrants are often obliged to employ dangerous forms of transport in order to travel to safety and make use of smugglers and other types of facilitators, some of whom may place them in situations of exploitation and subject them to forms of abuse.  Some may be at risk of trafficking as they move.

As human rights lawyers we ensure that they do not return to a place where there are reasons to believe they will be at risk or being subjected to torture or other cruel or inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment, or any other serious human rights violations.  There is a presumption against immigration detention and judicial bodies work on the presumption in favour of liberty.  As human rights solicitors, we help those who need to avoid immigration detention, especially those who have specific needs.

Danielle invites you to take a look at her blog, where you will see that she has helped a diverse range of clients from different backgrounds in her capacity as a human rights lawyer.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact Danielle on 020 7267 4133. Danielle will only charge you for the first consultation if you decide to become her client and if she can assist you.

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