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The deadline to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme was 30th June 2021.  Those EU citizens and their families who had permanent residence and have a document to prove it, or those EU citizens who have lived in the UK since before 2006 and have a document or stamp in their passports confirming indefinite leave to remain must apply under the Settlement Scheme.  Those who have indefinite leave to remain may apply but do not have to.

When you apply for settled status the Home Office will confirm the permanent residence status has not lapsed through absence of more than five consecutive years or indefinite leave to remain has not lapsed through absence of more than two consecutive years. You will have to self-declare that you have not been absent for this period of time.  On occasions the Home Office may ask for evidence that you have not been absent for five years or two years.

What is the difference between Settled Status and Permanent Residence?

Settled Status and UK permanent residence are not the same in the sense that prior to the UK leaving the EU it was not a mandatory requirement for a qualifying EU citizen to apply for permanent residence in the UK to prove their status.  Initially it was not a requirement to have a permanent residence document before one applies for British citizenship either, but later on that changed and it became necessary as documentary evidence for the authorities.

Unlike permanent residence for EU citizens, EU settled status is not an automatic right and EU citizens and their family members will need to apply for and be granted it.

Do I need to apply for Settled Status if I already have Permanent Residence?

After 30th June 2021 EU citizens and their family members including those who have already obtained permanent residence had to register for settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme or to apply to naturalise as a British citizen before 30th June 2021.

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