Brexit Plus Plus Plus

Danielle Cohen
By Danielle Cohen Immigration Law Solicitor Linkedin
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21 November 2016

It is with a sorrowful heart I woke up last week to find Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States of America. This decision means that America will not have a female President and one wonders what will be the rights of women under his leadership. What will be the access to abortions, contraception, sexual health checks? What will be the consequences of his racist policies and stereotypes?

Mr Trump alleged that he would be the President for all Americans in his New York victory speech and attempt to unify the country. I have been wondering why Donald Trump won this election. He defied all expectations from the very start of his campaign more than a year ago. Very few people thought he would actually run, let alone win the primaries, or that he would win a general election, and now he is the President.

One of the reasons is that working class white people, those without college education, men and women felt that they had been deserted and left out of the Democratic Party. Rural voters turned out in high numbers for the elections and wanted their voice to be heard. Despite the many controversies regarding his insult to War veterans, insults to women, lack of preparation for Presidential debate, it was his personality and appeal that appeared to be so strong that all the scandals made no difference. He beat those against him within his own party and he beat Hilary Clinton. Maybe his independence and outsider status made him the most appealing. He has made controversial statements on immigration and alienated many within his own party, but now he vows to put America first.

In the final days of the campaign Donald Trump promised a victory that would be “Brexit plus plus plus” and so it is not surprising that Nigel Farage is excited to congratulate Mr Trump. Mr Farage compared the results in Florida with key battle ground successes in Britain’s referendum vote to leave the European Union.

Richard Branson wants a second referendum. The law firm Mishcon De Reya is representing various business interests i.e., rich people. Gina Miller, an investment manager wants a better informed debate and The Guardian is on board with “the revolt of the elite”. It is therefore no wonder that there is anger from the leave campaign, especially now when they are facing a possible investigation by the Crown Prosecution Service. The CPS confirmed on 7th November that they are considering a complaint that the “Vote Leave” campaign misled voters and contravened the law. The criticism is that the campaign lacked clear information from both sides. Empty slogans such as “We want our country back” or the “Best of both worlds” were repeated without any real content and many people had no idea what Brexit could actually mean. The campaigners of the Leave campaign toured the country in a bus promising £350 million per week for the NHS if Britain left, yet within an hour of the result Nigel Farage admitted this was false. The night after the Brexit vote the prominent leave campaigner Daniel Hannan gave an interview in which he stated free movement of people would have to continue.

The Guardian Newspaper reports that if a case was brought successfully, it would not have any bearing on the referendum results or prevent the UK leaving the EU, but would result in criminal punishment of anyone held responsible by the Courts for making false statements.