A Stand Up Comedian and The Movie Industry

Danielle Cohen
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11 March 2024

The difference between the global talent visa and other forms of skilled worker visa is that it requires proof of the talents but offers flexibility. The successful candidate can opt to work or not, be a freelancer, or establish his/her own business all without the requirements to meet certain income criteria.

We are very happy to offer a free zoom consultation to artists at every level of their developments, to be able to assess how they meet the criteria.

The global talent visa which comes in two categories, exceptional promise for those who show promise and exceptional talent for recognised leaders are different and the key difference between these categories is that achieving indefinite leave to remain takes at least five years under the exceptional promise while exceptional talent will require three years. The decision of which category to apply is something that we will discuss with you.

Given that the visa process compromises of two primary stages, so does our fee structure. The first part for stage one which involves obtaining approval from the cultural institution will attract one fee and stage two which involves the client if the visa application centre wants to include the endorsement is stage two.

Various endorsing organisations correspond to distinct fields, each with unique application prerequisites.

We have particular interest and expertise in applying to the Art Council of England which includes arts, dance, literature, music theatre or visual arts, architecture, fashion design, film and television.

We have acted for a Canadian national in her application for global talent endorsement stage one and two. She was an emerging leader, exceptional promise in the field of arts and culture, namely as an inter-disciplinary artist. She was a graduate of the Royal College of Arts and participated in a number of exhibitions and her work has been featured in national and international media. We provided the required ten pieces of evidence of her application for endorsement from the Art Council together with three letters of support. We provided the evidence in all three categories, media recognition, international awards, and proof of appearances. The evidence has been selected in line with the initial application requirements under Appendix Global Talent to the Immigration Rules and the Arts Council guide for global talent visa applications.

We particularly enjoy working with her because her work touched us in the way she engaged with style techniques that range from collages to political installation. Her work deals with various topics inspired by her inner world, shining new light on the relationship between art and nature. All of the evidence provided to demonstrate her artistic excellence ended up with a successful result. She was granted with endorsement and a required visa and now she lives and works among us in the United Kingdom.

We act on behalf of a writer, performer and stand up comedian from the United States in her application for an endorsement and leave to remain under the global talent visa category . The first stage is to obtain the endorsement as an emerging leader in the field of arts and culture. We are particularly excited to represent this client as she works extensively in the comedy sector and has written and performed a one woman show as well as completing a full run of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

We made submissions for her to be granted the global talent endorsement having examined the necessary documents and we are confident she will be successful as she regularly and professionally engaged in her field, produced outstanding work, and received recognition for this work in the UK and abroad.

We also made an application for a client for global talent endorsement, Stage 1 as a leader (exceptional talent) working in the film television and post-production industries.

He has a diverse skill set ranging from digital colouring, post work flows, film resolutions and AI and is known for giving master classes in his field. He worked on a number of highly recognised and distributed productions which have been nominated for prestigious awards and his contribution has been acknowledged in many awards including international film festivals. We provided the relevant pieces of evidence in his application for endorsement as an exceptional talent from PACT on behalf of the Arts Council together with letters of recommendation and a link showing his IMDB profile.

In all of these cases it is important to be specific about the evidence you provide to satisfy the legal framework and to select the right evidence which shows significant and direct contributions.

We also provided other evidence of international recognition including articles in leading newspapers and evidence of international sales distributions and recognition of the applicant’s work including official listing. We provided letters of recommendations confirming indeed that our client is a global talent and his leadership and professionalism is evident.